Cowboy Cut Flat Style-Original

At Hi-Country, we’ve been perfecting jerky since 1976.  

The Cowboy Cut Original is sliced and marinated whole muscle strips of steak that are hardwood smoked low and slow over apple and hickory wood, giving it a legendary chew and flavor.  

Offered in two sizes: 8 oz. and 3 oz.

Guaranteed to keep you going pursuing all your outdoor adventures, family road trips, youth sports weekends, at work, on the road or pretty much anywhere for that protein pick me up! Clean all natural ingredients and no MSG or Nitrates added (except for naturally occurring nitrates in celery powder).

Customer Reviews

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Grant Schneider
Shipping cost

Well, the product doesn't seem to have the same taste as I remember when I bought it in Canada. However with the US dollar being High and the Shipping charges being outrageous I don't think I'll be able to continue buying this product I got to find away to avoid the High shipping costs

Love the Cowboy Cuts of Jerky

I love the Cowboy cuts of Jerky. It used to be paper thin in the past and this is much better.

Debbie Moore
Divine Beef Jerky

Your beef jerky is divine! Best we have had!

Cowboy Cut Flat Style - Original

it tastes pretty good, although I think too much sugar was used. And why does the jerky you buy now days have to be refrigerated after you open it? Did the Native Americans and early explorers carry refrigerators with them and what did they plug them into? I put mine on the top rack of my oven on LOW and let it go another 3 hours! It wasn't chewy but it didn't go bad after a couple days without refrigeration.

Waycee Parker
No Longer What I remember

It’s not the same jerky I grew up with, it’s taste is no different then other brands. Emailed customer service for refund on unopened bag, talked to a person named Jamii haven’t heard anything since.