Get high quality, fresh meat snack sticks from Hi-Country Snack Foods Inc.

For its high protein content and chewiness, beef sticks are frequently recommended as a snack for the gym or a road trip. However, those who believe that beef jerky's benefits end there are misinformed. The zinc and iron content, the lack of fat, and the fact that it does not impact insulin levels are all advantages of eating beef jerky.

Meat Sticks For Healthy Snacking

Beef jerky sticks are a wonderful method to obtain your daily dosage of protein, whether you're trying to bulk up or build lean muscle. The most well-known health advantage of the popular snack is what is known as "complete" protein, which means it includes all of the amino acids your body cannot make on its own. This assists your body by allowing muscles to develop and mend.

The iron and zinc content of beef jerky is a lesser-known advantage. Iron, which may be found in beef jerky, aids in the production of red blood cells, which are responsible for transporting oxygen from the lungs to body tissues. Iron helps people burn fat more effectively, breathe more easily, and protect themselves from weariness. Zinc also helps in curing your body by repairing muscle tears.

One of the advantages of beef jerky is that it allows you to consume meat without too much fat. Beef jerky is basically dried meat, and the process of drying meat eliminates a significant amount of fat. However, the fat level of beef jerky varies by brand, so it becomes important to have a look at the health information before you walk to the register or order beef jerky online.

Healthy Meat Snack Sticks from Hi-Country

Hi-Country offers you the best meat snacks. Our beef sticks are made from top-quality beef, which provides you energy throughout the day –

  • RMEF BEEF & PORK PEPPERONI SAUSAGE STICKS - Our trademark sausage sticks are handcrafted in small batches and are delicious! A high-protein, high-quality snack. A percentage of the revenues will benefit the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, which works to protect elk, other species, their environment, and our hunting history.

  • BISON PEPPERONI SAUSAGE STICKS - Bison is free to wander, and we combine it with beef and pork to create a crisp, delectable dry-style sausage stick with a pepperoni taste. This sausage stick is guaranteed to become one of your favorite

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