Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is more popular than ever because of the popularity of paleo and keto diets, as well as a strong consumer focus on protein. The sector has evolved from a few well-known, long-standing brands to a diverse selection of products accessible in petrol stations, convenience shops, health food stores, and farmer's markets. Hi-Country offers some of the best Beef Jerky Meat.

Beef Jerky Products Online

Many beef jerky companies include preservatives and other ingredients in their products, making them harmful. Our beef jerky packages are prepared to the highest standards. Here are a few of our meat snacks and beef jerky products:

  • Cowboy Cut Flat Style OriginalThe Cowboy Cut Original is made up of whole muscle steak strips that have been cut and marinated before being hardwood smoked low and slow over apple and hickory wood for a renowned chew and taste.

  • Cowboy Cut Peppered- The Cowboy Cut Peppered is cut and marinated whole muscle steak strips with the ideal mix of pepper seasoning, then hardwood smoked low and slow over apple and hickory wood for a renowned chew and flavor.

  • Cowboy Cut Teriyaki- The Cowboy Cut Teriyaki is cut and marinated entire muscle strips of steak that are hardwood smoked low and slow over apple and hickory wood, giving it a renowned chew and taste.
  • Tender sliced Jerky - By marinating in authentic fruit juices and quality spices, the Tender Sliced Jerky is gently tenderized. The beef is gently cooked and dried for 8 to 10 hours after marinating to provide a softer distinctive chew unique to Hi-Country.

  • Western Style Meat Stick - Pepperoni Beef & Pork Snack Sticks with a Western flair are out of this world. You will have a bad habit of going through these packs too rapidly. If you do decide to consume the entire bag in one sitting, make sure you drink plenty of water or other fluids.

What Makes Our Beef Jerky Stand Out?

Beef jerky is regaining popularity as the high-protein, healthful food that it is. Beef jerky may be your new best buddy if you're watching your calories, getting the protein you need, and avoiding extra fats and oils.

Beef jerky is not only delectable, but it's also nutritious and will satisfy your hunger no matter where you are. You can always rely on beef jerky to taste great and provide you with the energy you require. We provide some of the best beef jerky products available, all of which are free of preservatives and artificial chemicals. Each flavor is made with care and consideration for your health.

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