Sausage Casings - 21mm Collagen Casings

Hi-Country offers clear 21mm casings that can be used for snack stick products like pepperoni but also works great for breakfast sausage links. Sausage sticks made with these casings are normally cured, cooked and smoked. Specially formulated snack stick spices are available from Hi-Country. Our most popular flavor is Pepperoni for your wild game.

Collagen casings are made out of collagen, a protein found in the skin and connective tissues of animals. Typically, collagen casings are made from part of a cow hide. The flesh is removed and the collagen is processed, treated and extruded in a tube shape. Casings are shirred (collapsed) when produced and when stuffed, expand to their original length. In America, collagen casings are currently the most popular type. Collagen type casings are stuffed dry (no soaking). Prepping the casings consists of simply placing the casings in a refrigerator overnight to improve pliability.

• 21mm x 49 ft. Strands
Each strand holds about 10 to 14 lbs.
2 CLEAR Strands per pkg.
Stuffing Horn: 12mm outside diameter
Use: Snack Sticks or Breakfast Sausage Links

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