Sausage Casings - Hog Casings 100% Natural 8 Oz.

Hi-Country's premium 100% Natural Hog Casings are simple to use and make producing your own dinner style sausage fun and affordable. Include your family and friends!

Use your own favorite recipe or pick one of Hi-Country's pre-blended spice seasoning packages for commercial grade quality and full product flavor.

This 8 oz. package of 100% Natural Hog Casings will average 32mm to 35mm in diameter and will make approximately 25-30 lbs. of product depending on meat blends, spice mixes, water contents, etc.

Store unused casings in salt brine or add generous amount of salt in original resealable pouch. Refrigerate unused casings. Do not freeze. Use within 3 to 4 weeks.

Hog Casings are naturally pungent in odor and is NOT a sign of spoilage.

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