Wild Game Pepperoni Snack Stick Seasoning - 6 oz.

You've long been able to purchase our popular Snack Sticks and now you can make your own!!! Hi-Country has custom formulated three great flavors for you to use at home. Hi-Country's suggested meat formulations to be used with wild game assure great results even amongst novice sausage makers.

Each 6 oz. pack contains enough to boldly season and cure up to 10 lbs. of meat. Casings are NOT included. Don't forget to order Hi-Country’s 21mm collagen casings if you plan to use stuffing equipment. But keep in mind, our detailed, step-by-step instructions include a bonus section on making Snack Sticks WITHOUT casings. Either way, have fun! Our instructions also feature a Tips & Tricks section, a batch conversion chart for making smaller batches, and cooking instructions for home smokers, oven and/or dehydrator.

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Watch videos for making your own snack stick sausage.