Wild Game 6-Pack Spicy Blend Jerky Seasonings Kit

Save on your spice purchase today!!! Hi-Country Wild Game Seasoning Division is happy to provide bulk quantities of our most popular flavors of Jerky and Sausage Seasonings.

Seasonings have a naturally long shelf life. We have packaged our spice bags and cure packets in convenient individual batch size units to ensure your Hi-Country Jerky Seasonings and Cure will stay fresh longer. Buying in bulk is the most economical way for hunters, ranchers, friends and families to process their wild or domestic meat in larger quantities.

Each Bulk Pack contains:

  • 6 Seasoning Bags
  • 6 Cure Packets
  • Instruction Booklet

Each Original, Spicy, Three Pepper, Garlic Pepper, Sweet & Spicy, and Smoky bag will season up to 16 lbs. of meat and the total Bulk Pack will season a total of 96 lbs. of meat!

Each Teriyaki bag will season up to 12 lbs. of meat and the total Bulk Pack will season a total of 72 lbs. of meat!

Lost your instructions? Whole Muscle Jerky or Ground & Formed Jerky

Watch videos for making your own jerky.

View our recipes using our jerky seasoning.


SEASONING INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Salt, Spice, Monosodium Glutamate, Red Bell Pepper, Maltodextrin, Garlic.
CURE INGREDIENTS: Salt, Sodium Nitrite (6.25%).

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
James Huff
Spicy seasoning

It made the jerky look extra dry. But other than that it has a great flavor!! It just looks ugly

Steve Sutherland

Wild Game 6-Pack Spicy Blend Jerky Seasonings Kit

Sandra Crow
Amazing flavor

I use 12 lbs per pkg! The flavor seems to be much more deep!

Patrick Handy
Spicy blend bulk pack

Great for jerky, snack sticks , used it on some black bear this year and it turned out great

Marilyn Rustand

Best jerky seasoning ever! My 8 yr old grandson eats my beef jerky like candy!