A Guide to Shop For The Perfect Wild Game Seasonings

The right ingredients in a meal can make all the difference in the outcome. This is no different when it comes to harvesting meat at home for sausages and jerkys. The time, money and effort it takes to harvest an animal makes it critical to get the best quality and flavor profile available to ensure your harvest is exquisitely enjoyable. If you are planning a gift for a hunter that processes his/her own meat, then the wild game seasoning package makes the best and unique choice. They are going to love you. Wondering what seasoning is the best? Hi-Country Snack foods bring you the best wild game seasonings every hunter must-have. We know, we have tried them, and that is what makes us different. Let's have a look:

What are the best sausage seasonings you need to have?
Species brings next-level taste to any meal, Sausages are no less, here are a few top sausage seasonings you can try this for a successful dinner party:

Wild Game Pepperoni Snack Sticks Sausage Seasoning:
The amazing and unique Sausage flavor when used with wild game assure you the best results. Use these as a snack food or an appetizer before dinner. The package is enough to cure and season 30 lbs of meat. You can follow instructions on making sticks without casings. Moreover, the instructions of Pepperoni Snack Sticks Sausage Seasoning on home smokers, dehydrators, and ovens will help you make a successful meal without any hassle.

Breakfast Sausage Seasoning:
The rich flavor blends the taste of Italian and German spices. When combined with wild game, you will get great and tasty results. Spruce up your breakfasts with some game breakfast sausage that tasts delicious. You will find a combination of flavors in wild game seasonings that provide a tasteful and balanced blend to the nutrient rich meat.

Polish Kielbasa Dinner style Sausage seasoning:
The blend of flavors, as the name suggests, will capture the essence of Kielbasa. The contribution of spices is enough to make your wild game into the tasty ground.

Old Salami Style Sausage Seasoning Kit:
The rich combination of Pepperoni in old Salami style, and whole mustard seeds is one of its kind wild game seasonings that's going to be loved by all.

What are the various Jerky seasonings you must have for wild games?
Planned wild game for dinner, but confused about what else you can make with your harvest? Then try jerky! Hi-Country Snack foods jerky seasonings are what the company was founded on. If you have not tried them, you are missing out.

Original Jerky seasoning Kit:
The must-have seasoning kit includes 1 seasoning pack, cure packets, and instruction booklet that can season up to 16 lbs. Meat. The amazing combination of flavors is a must-have, they should be on your list.

Garlic Pepper Jerky seasonings Kit:
The naturally long shelf life seasoning Kit with seasoning pack, Cure packets and can season up to 16 lbs. Meat. The mouth-watering combination of garlic and pepper in Garlic Pepper Jerky seasonings Kit is going to bless your taste buds.

Three pepper Jerky seasoning kit:
The rich combination of white pepper, black pepper, and Jalapeño pepper with natural smoke flavor is surely going to be the one to relish.

Smoky blend Jerky seasoning kit:
Do you like natural smoke Flavor, then these wild game seasonings are going to be your favorite. The fantastic combination of Spice, Grill flavor, dehydrated Garlic, and natural smoke flavor is perfect for evening.

Sweet & Spicy Jerky Seasoning kit:
The naturally long shelf life with 6 seasoning bags and 6 cure packets can season up to 16 lbs. Meat. Sweet & Spicy Jerky seasoning kit is a blend of Sugar, spices in a perfectly balanced way.

Get your perfect wild game seasonings!
Whether you are buying specifically for sausages or creating healthy snack foods, Hi-country Snack foods offer you high-quality and unique flavors. The game seasoning kits were created specifically after trying all products in the market. Hi-Country could not find that fresh flavor in the market, so they created their own to sell. Everything from producing flavors to packaging is done in Lincoln, MT. Flavors are created keeping in mind hunters, we use 100% US beef in our beef jerky.